Benefits and Advantages of MyHTSpace (Indepth Guide!)

Harris Teeth is definitely one of the organizations who really give out much more than what their employees want because they know their value of their employees because they are the one who has been working hard day and night for the development of this organization for lots and lots of years.

The position the company is now is all because of the efforts that have been put out down by the employees for sure and there is no one going to deny it.

There are nearly 30000 employees who were working around 260 stores in 7 states all over the country and for their own benefit, MyHTSpace has been created out.

Speaking about the MyHTSpace it is a platform for the employees to make the most advantage of their job.

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Benefits of MyHTSpace

As like we have said earlier taking care of the Employees is the first important job of any organization and MyHTSpace is doing out that job very well with the help of MyHTSpace.

Speaking about the Benefits of the Employees through MyHTSpace here are the list of Benefits

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Know your account

First of all, you need to know your role in the organization and that is gonna keep your travel in the long journey, so having a separate account in the MyHTSpace is like a kind of personal space for you where you can manage out all things that are related out to your job from here itself.

Plus you can manage out your daily login things over here and can look at how days you have taken off from the job. When is your sale date coming and the deducted PF amount so far and how much PF amount has been added out to your account, you can check out all these things over here?

Educational Assistance

So this is a special benefit given out for the kids of the employees who were working out with us for a certain period of time. We will kind of sponsor those kids for their whole education based on the employee and their benefits over to us.

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Health Assistance

This is kind of services which were given to their employees by most of their organizations and we are giving it out to employees with more special benefits. Of all the employees who were working with us, we actually take of their health because you know health can be damaged out at any point in time. Also for certain employees, we also provide out the Health Assistance to their families too if they kind of qualify under our schemes.

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Retirement and Savings Plans

Mostly under this plan, PF scheme will come down which is a basic thing for most of the employees but for those who are aged people having lots of experience with our organisation we are giving them their retirement plan so that after relieving from here we’ll be giving monthly certain good amount which will be enough for them to take care during the later period of time.

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