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First of all, we wholeheartedly welcome all the students who are here now looking for the official portal of Devry University.

So it all started during 1931 when a man named Dr Herman Devry who has the dream of bringing the change the way the world is. And the path he chose is education because he knows students are the one who can make the change that he wants.

That’s when he build an institution which fulfils the need for tech-empowerment, career-focused education, and then he builds the future of the world in the name Devry.

When it got combines with the Keller Graduate School of Management, it has set the foundation for the university which we are now. There are alot of Devry Online Classes conducted, To access that student need the DeVry university login.

Devry Student Login – Logging into the DEVRY University Student Portal

Devry Student Portal Login

So our students are provided with specific username and password to get access to the Devry Student Portal which will be your gateway for online class, e-library and many more things like that.

It is always recommended to access your classes through the student portal of DeVry and your classes will be available on the homepage of the portal.

  • Go To This URL – Devry University Login
  • Enter Your User ID and Password in my devry student portal.
  • If you have any trouble in logging in follow the guide below.

Issues faced by students during login and solutions on

Whether it’s our student login portal or other login portals, Students will always face some login issues and the numbers keep on increasing ever, so first let’s see about the list of problems faced by students during their login and a permanent solution for these issues.

First Time Signing Into the devryunet

If You Don’t know your Username, Don’t be shy, Contact your IT Administrator Block and get the sufficient details.

Every year lots of students keep on joining Devry university and also get their student login id and their access to Devry online portal but most of them were confused about their first time login and if you are a first time user here is what you should do

  •  You’ll be given a username when you joined our university and the password for your login is your Date of birth month followed by the year.

Don’t know Username

Most of the students who are accessing online portal after sometime forget out their username and make it like a big issue and but there is an easy solution for this issue just click on the don’t know my username icon and you’ll be asked a password or your roll no give to get back your username.

Resetting your Password 

For resetting your password, you must know your username and your previous password and for resetting there’ll be an option for it and after giving it input your username and old password and then give the new password that you want.

Login issues on Devry University Sign in

So sometimes even after providing correct Password and username you may not be able to log in and this usually happens due to the main reason of some technical issues in our server, and the only solution for it is that you should wait for some time until it is resolved.

Follow the simple steps, If you have any trouble in logging in, Do Contact us in the contact form.

With the above steps, you could log in to your Devry Student Portal very easily.

Let’s see some of the achievements of Devry University over this period of time from start.

For More Indepth guide on Devry Login issues

Why Choose Devry University?


So for those who want to choose an institution for their future studies and were thinking of why should I choose Devry over other institutions, here is the reason why you should choose DeVry over others.

Devry University is one of the few universities which have got HLC Accreditation certificate, and for those who don’t know about HLC, Higher Learning Commission is an agency that accredits institutions all over the U.S and its been recognised by U.S Department of education.

Accreditation will be given by HLC only for those universities who have the best of all and we are proud to say that we have got from them.

And also we have been a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

In today’s world, not just the education or degree matters, what you have specially will make you withstand in this world and that’s what we are focussed on, whether you want to pursue on a normal or advanced degree we always want you to learn it out visually.

Here is a glimpse of things that we are providing you guys

Check out the Degree Programs offered by Devry

Well Balanced Education

With more than being available in 45+ locations, we provide you guys with the best education we can with tons of technologically advanced tools, online classes and much more.

Most Importantly the Devry Online Classes on www devry edu student portal are very useful, You can read alot of books on through the devry login portal.


We want your learning to be in the way that you like and that’s the main reason we are providing features like

  •       Access to our Mobile Application.
  •       Robust Digital Platform.
  •       Both On-campus and Online classes.
  •       Virtual Library Services.

The support you need

Whether it comes to life or education support is something which keeps on driving the people in the path of their life and that’s what we provide here like

  •       24/7 Tutoring.
  •       Advice on Academic services.
  •       Dedicated support team for students.
  •       Advising for Tuition & Financial Aid.

Development of yourself

This is the part what we wanted with all our students because personal development is an important aspect in everyone’s career and to make it sure we provide

  •       Networking Opportunities.
  •       Career Services.
  •       Resume Support.

Main Motto of Student Portal Devry & Devry Student Logins in the webs are providing alot of resources, So that they can improve themself and contribute to the society well.

Where we located

Devry University Chicago Campus

We are being available in 45+ locations and the most special about is that we are giving the same quality of education in every place and you can use any one of these below-given locations to make yourselves better.

  •       Arizona.
  •       California.
  •       Colorado.
  •       Florida.
  •       Georgia.
  •       Illinois.
  •       Indiana.
  •       Missouri.
  •       Nevada.
  •       New Jersey.
  •       New York.
  •       North California.
  •       Ohio.
  •       Pennsylvania.
  •       Tennessee.
  •       Texas.
  •       Virginia.

So these are the places where we are available and you can access us like whenever you guys wanted.

Degrees we provide

When it comes to the course and degrees there are lots of course we provide which were not even available in many of the universities and also we have been adding new courses for every batch and as a result, this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to develop themselves as a unique person. But we always believe in transparency between us and students and that’s what we have been doing for so long.

Students safety

We always take care of the students who were with us because you guys have came out here for some purpose and we don’t want it to get disturbed at any cost, so that’s why we have taken several measures for providing out safety to our students.

Below are the detailed list of safety precautions that we been providing to the students

  • Campus crime & security – It means we don’t lightly take out any crimes that have been occurring within the premises and the punishments given for any kind of crimes is very much severe.
  • Sexual misconduct and Harassment Safety – The safety is kept on decreasing day by day and nowadays girls are so much feared these things and this leads to lack of their concentration towards their goal, but we don’t want anything to happen out like this and we make sure that any sexual misconduct and harassment will be taken as a very serious offence and the responsible persons will be handed over to the cops and also they’ll be dismissed from the university too.
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention – At this teenage period most of the teens has been doing the mistake of making them addicted towards drugs and alcohol and make it as a habit which in turn demolish their lives and their dreams and also makes them a complete weaker person, so we also banned usage of alcohol and drugs completely inside the premises.
  • Privacy of Student Records – Trust is the main factor that keeps us going and withstand for more than 80 years and we make those trust bond much stronger with our students and we’ll keep all the records of the students completely safer.

You Can complain of the My Devry university Student Portal.

Download Devry Academic Calender

International Application

We are always blessed to welcome people from all parts of the world and since the past years the no of applicants for our institution has been keep on increasing but we here don’t treat international students as a separate one, everyone who is here are like the same one for us.


  • International Students also play the same tuition fees and other fees as the local students over here pay here because we treat every people over here equally.
  • Plus international students also have the opportunity to get qualified for DeVry Opportunity Grant which is a special package for international students so that it allows us to take care of your expenses at the early offset.


We are providing various scholarships to support students who were not financially strong but have some great talents.

Also, this scholarship programme is only available to students enrolled in Bachelors in Accounting, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Management, and along with bachelors in technical management.

And the lifetime scholarship amount that’ll be provided will be 7000$ and it takes around 600$ per semester for full-time enrolment and 300$ per semester for part-time enrolment.

Also, you should have a Gpa of 2.5 out of 4 for enrolling new students and you should fall only 6 credits hours of enrolment in one semester and if not the scholarship will be removed.

Read More About Devry University

Visa Process

For making the process of visa simpler for international students we give you certain guidelines to follow to make the visa progress much faster

  •       Pay the Sevis I-901FEE.
  •       Apply.
  •       Schedule an Interview.
  •       Prepare for the interview.
  •       Attend Visa Interview.

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If you have any doubts, Queries, Feel free to contact us.

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