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If you look at the list of greatest universities in the U.S region then definitely devry is going to be the one in the top of that list for sure.

Things started up back in 1931 when Devry the man who invented motion projector started out a school in the name of his friend as De Forest Training School.

Later in the year 1967 the school was named as Devry Institute of Technology, so two students who have studied and graduated from devry started out Keller Graduate School of Management and later in 1987 they have fully acquired devry from Bell & Howell who got it from Devry.

After that the keller and Devry was combined and called as Devry Inc with both the owners of Kelly become as the chairman and CEO of devry.

They have entered into the New York stock exchange in the year 1995, after that devry has bought out certain colleges for big prices and here are the list of colleges devry has acquired till now

  • Becker CPA Review – $18 million.
  • In 2003 acquired Ross university ( Medical and veterinary based school in Caribbean) for $310 million.
  • Deaconess College of Nursing for $5.3 million.
  • In 2009 they have bought three Brazilian universities named as Fanor, Ruy Barbosa, Area 1 and those worth were 100’s of million.
  • In 2012 they have acquired Faculdade Boa Viagem, Faculdade Diferencial Integral in 2013.
  • And in later 2013 Devry Inc was renamed as Devry Educational Institutions.
  • Next in the year 2017 Devry was completely handed over to Cogswell Education Institution who were the parent organisation of Devry.

Speaking about the facilities of Devry, there were like 90 campuses and learning sites at the year 2010, now at present devry is being available in more than 45 locations across 18 states around the United states.

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Currently there were like 70000 students being studying and graduated from Devry every year.

Speaking about the next things like library, online access and elearning every advanced facilities always available and open to the students at any time.

And there were coaches who constantly look up the students making sure they not only learn and spend days writing custom term papers but they also grow along with it.

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Also hostel and staying facilities were available to the students across all the location where the university is located.

Plus food also being available to the students based on their cuisine, like there will be normal American cuisine food and based on the quantity of other cuisine wanted by students it will be also gets added to the menu.

So there is no need for you to worry about the other things rather than your education, what’s our basic concept is like which we have mentioned it earlier that our main motive to serve the best quality of education which no one might be able to provide it to you guys.

So if you have further doubts regarding us then you can contact us directly to know more.

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