Employee Connect Benefits – Complete List

Benefits are kind of something we always wanted it in our every place we are in like wherever we go and that is what we are also providing to you in the Employee Connect.

So first let’s take a complete look at the benefits programme that’s being available in the Employee Connect

  • 401(k) – Retirement.
  • Social Security.
  • Earning for learning.
  • Matching Gifts.
  • ADP – Cobra Login.
  • EAP
  • Macy’s Inc Scholarship Programme.
  • College Bound 529 plan.

401(K) Retirement

It is actually a kind of site which is going to give you a complete insight of things related to the retirement programmes.

So here there is a kind of tool which helps you to view a complete insight about your plans and everything.

Also over here, you can easily change deduction contributions, plus easy movement of money between your funds, loan initiation and much more things.

The below-given link will take you the Retirement Page


Social Security

It is an kind of service provider which is gonna allow you to apply for Social Security Requirements and Spousal benefits.

Inorder to get those benefits you should ask it with Social Security Administration which will be then easy for you to calculate the benefit amounts for you.

So this is a platform through which you can any kind of information regarding Discounts, financial and medical insurance kind of things.

For more information regarding this click here https://www.aarp.org/

Earning for learning

It is a kind of platform which is gonna provide you the best opportunity for you to spend your time by giving out financial aids to the educational institutions because at the present situation not all the people in the world are doing this kind of services only certain people are doing these kind of things and you should be proud of what you are doing through this platform.

Login to Macys My Insite

Matching Gifts

It is a special donation programme being offered out by us specially for the Employee Connect users where you can donations to the Favourite charities through the Macy Inc Donation Programme.

Employee Assistance Programme

Also known as the Cigna Employee Assistance Programme this serves as a platform to clarify all your doubts and solve out your every kind of problems that you need the solution.

Because we cigna has got the people and resources who are well trained to solve out all the problems that you have got

There are two ways you can connect with us either by calling us our 24/7 support or else you can chat with them through online.

Call them or reach them online through 1-800-558-8361

Macy’s Inc Scholarship Programme

So this is a special kind of Scholarship Programme being offered for the students who were full time or part-time employees or even a self-employed person too. And this programme is completely administrated by the National Merit Scholarship organization.

College Bound 529 plan

This is a new and latest plan for the active associates with us and you can enrol over for it through


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