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There are a variety of resources being available in the Employee Connection which is a new user in experience for everyone who visits over here for the first time.

And we don’t want to waste your valuable time by telling you the things that you don’t want, let’s jump in straight into the resources available in the Employee Connection.


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Federation of Tax Administrators

It is a portal for anyone to access to view the state tax administration because this is the only easy way for you to get access and since it is the only portal which gives direct links to State Tax Agencies, State Tax Forms and electronic filing sites.

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Paycheck City

If you ever wanted to have access to the best paycheck tools then you should definitely try out the Paycheck City because you’ll get a chance to use the paycheck Calculator which helps you to calculate the withholding allowances and other paycheck related functions.

Social Security Online

It is a platform which kind of allows you to get access to the social administration platforms and also you can easily apply to the Social Security Requirement and Spousal Benefits.

Plus you’ll also get tools over here which you can use it to calculate the social administrative benefits instantly.

Take Charge America

With being 20 years in the field, TCA is one of the largest non-profit credit counselling organizations and within the credit counselling industry, they have been one of the recognised leading financial providers of all time.

Since now they have served over 1.5 million customers and also have received lots of rewards for the quality service they provide.

Treasury Direct

This is one of the best platforms for you to purchase U.S savings bond via payroll deduction and it is also the easiest way to do so and for first you need to get registered for it, after getting registered you have to request deduction from the payroll check via direct deposit itself.

When you have got the access to it after registering then you can easily manage all your profile related things and can view out anything that’s been related to your account.

Also, you can give the authority to all types of transactions being done and also you can make transactions too with money over your account.

Plus in order to give you an opportunity to earn some more there will be an active auction where you can easily by selling over the bonds that you have control.

That’s all the information we have got regarding Resources and Community of Employee Connect

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