Everything you need to know about Publix – Complete Guide!

Before speaking about the working environment at the Publix, let’s see something about the Publix.

Actually we are a supermarket based multinational company started our services in the year of 1935 itself during the era of the great depression.

And we have well withstood out all the tough times to become like a store having more than 1000 of branches all over the country with the most numbers being located out in Florida.

From meat to medicines everything is available in the Publix and we have our own farm and manufacturing units for the dairy and bakery items.

And there are lots of stores which were belonged to the Publix and were actually operating under the different name and the count of the stores may be like around 100.

We have invented out lots of innovative concepts which no other supermarkets are actually providing like,


The most important of all is the opening of instore Pharmacy which was actually started out in the year of 1986 itself. And about 90% of our stores have this facility as far as now.

And we are giving some free antibiotics to the people who have the subscription as a part of our social welfare programme.

The free antibiotics in the list change periodically based on the price fluctuations and we keep on increasing the antibiotics in the list every month.

If you are our regular customer, then you don’t need to have your prescription in order to get your antibiotics.


In the year of 2006, we have tied up with little clinic to set up clinics in our store where a trained nurse will be there who can literally write down subscriptions and take care other things which can be done out in the clinic.

Publix Curbside

So this is a part of our online delivery programme, and if you are in a vehicle near our store then you can give us the list and our associate will pick up the item that you need and delivers it you and also we been providing home delivery services excluding some age restriction products.


It is one of the most recognised chains in the US region and we have tied up with them and opened our first Starbucks in Orlando on 2016 and as far as now more than 10 stores are having the Starbucks facility.


This one Presto is kind of ATM machine owned by us which you can use to withdraw cash and its been mostly available in all our branches.

Working Environment

Working out in Publix is always special and you’ll get everything that you need from your workplace from the comfort to support.

There is a certain uniform code which is applicable to all the centres and we have a common dress code for the employees which is the only thing employees needs to follow.

And we have a separate online portal for the employees named as Publix Passport.

Other than that we are giving lots of benefits providing to our employees from health to retirement planning.

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