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Lots of people were kept on asking about the safety of our products and what are the ingredients we use it in our products and for all those questions this is a place where you can find out the complete answer for it.

That’s why we are going to give a detailed description of the ingredients that we use in our product to make millions of women beautiful every day.

Every ingredient that has been in our product has a certain use and unique ability and the ingredients which we are not sure about its safety doesn’t come in our product.

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Marykayintouch Ingredients

Activated Charcoal

This is a traditional ingredient which has been used for many years and it helps in removing dirt and debris from your pores.

Bio-Cellulose Mask Technology

So it is actually a plant-based material which has been extracted from coconut water, which in results with some beneficial ingredients will give a better look to your skin.

Botanical Extracts

So these things are actually derived from plants that are actually rich in elements like vitamins and minerals that are really good for your skin and it can be majorly found in fruits and flowers like Dragon Fruits which consists of Fatty acids and several B complex vitamins. Along with Aloe vera which acts as an agent which helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier.

Glycolic Acid

Most commonly known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is a high powerful Effective exfoliant which promotes skin health.

Plant Stem Cells

So this plant stem cells are something which is very powerful helps in maintaining the plant’s original form and by using high-level technology it is used in our product to reduced ageing looks.


It is also another age-fighting monster which helps reduction of wrinkles and appearance of fine lines by supporting Collagen and elastin.

Salicylic Acid

This is something that most of them might have heard about, yes this is an agent that promotes the removal of dead skin cells which in turn keeps pores unclogged so no more oil production which means no more pores.

Shea Butter

Not its, not a normal butter which we add it our foods and actually it is extracted from the nut of African shea tree which is used to protect, enrich, soften and hydrate the skin and it also consists of Omega which helps in maintaining skin smoothness.

Vitamin C

It is an excellent natural ingredient which does the work of Retinol along with helping in improving skin’s radiance and maintain even skin tone.


The premature ageing is mainly caused due to two agents namely UVA and UVB which are actually a kind of ultraviolet radiation, and this sunscreen helps in preventing those two harmful agents.

Encapsulated Resveratrol

So this is our special natural ingredient and its work is to provide more triple antioxidant benefits which help promote more even-looking skin tone and also supports skin’s natural collagen.

Skin Volume Supporting peptide

Its helps in maintaining the youthful look of us by helping of maintaining natural Hyaluronic acid which does this process.

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