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Want to login to the Publix Passport which is also known as the Publix Oasis then you are at the right place to get logged in to your account easily.

What is Publix?

Publix is actually a common name of the Publix Supermarket groups which has been actually owned out by a multinational American Supermarket Chain which is been located out in Florida actually.

In detail, it is actually owned by the previous employees like who were the members of Jenkins Family actually.

As far as now Publix has been in operational around like full throughout the Souther eastern US states and our major locations are in Florida where we have around like 831 official stores and plus there are also hundreds of stores being available in the Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia.

The current headquarters of the bank is located in the Lakeland Florida in exactly 1239 locations with more than 193000 workers being working at all these locations.

Plus we have our own manufacturing facilities which we use to produce Dairy, Deli, bakery and other food products. They have pharma, Starbucks, Presto and many more, Read here about Publix.

And in the recent magazine list published by Forbes for the top 100 best companies for the people to work, Publix stands at the 12th position in the list.

This shows out how we are taking care of our employees and the benefits we are providing out to them.

Speaking about the history of the Publix it all started out in the year of 1930, during the initial stage our first branch was actually opened in Central Florida and then our network was expanded out to South Florida.

During the period of the Great Depression itself, our store has made out the sales of around $120,000 during the year 1934.

And later the growth was unstoppable which makes us stand out at the current position that we are in now.

Publix Passport

Most of them who are here must know about what the Publix Passport is all about and still, we want to explain it to the people who actually don’t know about it.

As like we have said before, there are like around 1,93,000 employees who were working under us and in order to organize we have created out a separate Portal which is  Publix Passport and it can also be called as the Publix Oasis too.

This is actually a Publix employee login portal which they can use it to manage out things easily.

Uses & Benefits of Publix Passport

As a worker you can like get all the details from the store itself, you need something to manage out all your work-related stuff.

And that’s why we have created out the Publix Passport or Publix Oasis Portal actually,

  • So over here you can able to know each and everything about your company.
  • Plus you can also get to know everything regarding your work form your payment date, the increment of yours.
  • other stuff like managing out your work schedule.
  • Applying for a leave.
  • Know the monthly holidays.

Just everything related to your work you can easily manage out from here itself. Plus lots of special features are also available with this portal for the premium employees.

Read more about Publix Employee Benefits

Things required to login

Publix Passport Login

Once You become a member of the Publix Family, You will be given an Email and a User ID, Password credentials.

This is what you guys have been waiting to get your hands on for sure, in order to get logged into your you need certain things to be ready

  • You definitely need a mobile phone or computer with a good internet connection.
  • And there is no separate mobile app available and you need to access through the Browser only.
  • Especially you don’t need to get register for getting out your login access just get your login credentials from the respective store to get logged in.
  • Just you need to get your User Id and the login password in order to get login to the Publix Passport or Publix Oasis Account.

Publix Passport First Time Login

After making out ensuring that you are having all the required things to login now its time to proceed for the next step of login

  • First, visit the login page of the Publix Passport ( /passport)
  • And then after entering out into there, you can see the login portal.
  • Next, enter out your login credentials in the login portal.
  • After that press the login button to directly get into the profile information platform of yours.
  • Also, note that if you are coming over here for the first time then the process is completely new.

Publix My Passport Login Errors

So this is something which some people takes it out as a serious issue but actually it just a normal issue and can easily solve this.

First lets take a look at the reasons why the login errors usually happen

  • The first and foremost cause for this problem is definitely going out to be the forgotten your password which can usually happen to anyone but doesn’t worry we’ll reveal the solution for this below.
  • Next one is the ESS Runtime Error which may actually cause if there are problems sometimes over the server end but you can try it someother time to get back into it again.
  • And the final reason may be like you got misspelt the domain name and you can automatically correct this problem by yourselves for sure. Make sure you use the right one, Above.

Publix Supermarket Passport Password Reset

If you have forgotten out your Password then you can easily reset out them if you follow the below mentioned steps

  • Get into the login portal of the Publix Passport and over there below the login portal you can find the forgot password button click on that.
  • And then after clicking on it, you’ll be taken out to a new tab.
  • Over there enter out the details which were asked there.
  • After that press the submit button and then you are gonna receive a link through the email.
  • By clicking out on the mail you can easily create your password and then login to activate the newly created password.
  • Also, note that there is no mobile app for the publix passport

Publix Passport Customer Care & Help Desk

Publix Emergency Infoline

So if you are having any kind of issues with the Publix Portal then you can use the below-given number to contact the customer support 1-800-226-9588.

And don’t forget to contact them only during working hours and Working Days.

  • Publix Human Resources at 1-(863) 688-7407, ext. 52108.
  • Publix Payroll number is 1-(863) 688-7408, ext. 22311.

Publix Oasis Login Guide – oasis schedule

So Publix Oasis is actually another form of login portal for the Publix passport and this has also been accessed and used out by lots of the employees actually.

And it’s not necessary that you should be logging in only to the oasis or passport. Actually it’s your convenience and you can choose out your best way of login.

Publix Oasis Login

Publix Oasis Supermarket

So since we have already seen about the login guide for the Publix Passport now its time to take a look at the Publix Oasis Login. Follow out the steps given out Below carefully for a proper and hassle-free login

Before logging, let’s take out a look at the requirements to logged in

  • First of all, definitely, you gonna need out your login credentials at the foremost.
  • And next to a good internet connection with a browser
  • Plus a must User IP of US to get access to the server because you can’t access it from any other servers
  • So in order to login to the Publix Oasis first you need to go to this link of or directly through the homepage. Same link is for publix oasis schedule login.
  • Next over there you can find the login portal and over there enter your User ID and Password to log in.

Publix Oasis Passport Password Reset

The process of Resetting your Password for the Publix Oasis is same as like the process of Publix Passport Password Reset.

Other Resources

Publix Main Login Page:

Publix Benefits Guide Page:

Publix Passport Mobile Website:

Contact Page:

Publix app for android: Playstore

Publix app for iOS: Appstore

Above links will lead you to passport publix associate self service portal.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked queries about Publix Employee Login Portal.

Why is my Access Denied?

This is actually the most common questions faced by the users of the portal. This message will be shown to you if you don’t access the portal from the US IP  or like while using mobile VPN or proxies.

The solution is simple just access the servers from the US IP.

Publix My Passport not Working?

Actually this is a kind of temporary error shown on the website actually and it can be resolved in a few minutes if the server got an update.

Why my system is showing javascript Error?

These kinds of error will appear on the screen when your browser does not support or like maybe you need to update your browser. Sometimes it may also get happened when your firewall automatically disables the java settings.

How to View Publix Passport Schedule?

After you successfully logged in, A Link in the right part called ‘Open OSS’ under the oasis logo will get you there.

Publix Jobs

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