Tips to increase Instagram video views in India

Instagram is a key to the online presence of the present generation. One app that everyone loves is Instagram. Marketers, content creators, businesses everyone wants to gain a million followers. It has changed the game of brand visibility; it has become an essential tool for anyone looking forward to an impactful digital presence.
A way to portray who you are, what your business is about, share valuable information, entertainment, etc. It has changed the way people do branding the way they sell their ideas, products, or services.
It is essential to understand the algorithm, as a lot is dependent on it, but it is equally important to focus on following valuable and helpful ways. The right strategy will help you reach your business and personal goals.

Reach more followers with these helpful and practical tips to increase Instagram reel views in India and engage more followers.

1. Create Valuable Content

works more than valuable content. People can stumble upon your content through various channels but for them to stay and consume your content regularly is a different ball game altogether. If a piece of content provides value to your consumers, it might work as dopamine to the users, and they will keep coming back for more. The content, although, should be focused on your niche, which goes without saying. It helps you develop a loyal consumer base, increasing your views manifold. To find valuable content, you may look up to some already established brands in your niche. So, stop wasting time and create valuable content which will help you earn a royalty in viewership.

2. Add Hook

A hook is a trap to get the viewers’ attention to keep it simple. With the introduction of short video formats, people’s attention span has been decreasing lately. There is little opportunity to convince those people to invest their time in your content. It can be a thumbnail, a catchy phrase on the caption, a mention to a successful brand or a helpful link on a story, or a catchy phrase in the first few seconds of your video. Anything that triggers urgency or fascination in your followers’ minds increases the chances of seeing your videos to the full length, and guess what? Instagram will surely notice this demographic and start pushing your content to a larger audience, getting you an increase in Instagram video views in India.

Be innovative, and always think of a hook for your next video.

3. Post Consistently

It should not come as a surprise to you, and you might have heard it a lot of times from many sources. But again, post consistently. Let’s assume you have a brand and have already built a small group of followers to convince you further. Now, these followers expect content from you regularly, or they lose interest and move to some other brand providing them content consistently. Instagram policies also provide a nudge forward to the accounts with a consistent posting habit as they want their users engaged whenever they open the app.

4. Optimize your Captions

A Caption is a way to communicate with your audience through words. With the decreasing attention span in humans, it isn’t easy to make your viewers read more and see less. So, those words you write below your post should be precise and catchy enough to stick in your viewers’ eyes. However, there are a lot of readers, and if your brand aims for some particular audience, you can use that space to put in all your thoughts. These captions can become a kind of your blog. Captions can also act as a description of your post, which might help Instagram to place your content to the correct type of audience and thus bring you more and more views. Bluntly saying, there is a space, use it for your benefit, write a caption with all your posts

5. Use Trending Filters

Focusing on how Instagram’s algorithm works, it’s not astounding that Instagram wants its users to use every new feature they launch and push those features that have caught the eye of the larger audience. One such feature is the filters that the app provides. Some filters are trending, and many people are using them, which makes the algorithm think that people would want to see these filters, and it starts pushing that content to the viewers. Merge these trending filters with your brand’s story to make your videos. This way, you have a higher chance to hit that explore page and more people to see your content.

6. Use Trending Audios

As reasoned in the previous point, trending audios are a great way to increase your Instagram reel views. Reels with trending audios are clubbed together under one group, making it easier for users to find such reels easily. It, in turn, increases your reel views, and if people like your content, they might revisit your page for more followers.

7. Don’t Ignore Analytics

Instagram provides in-app analytics on various data, like when most of your followers are active or how your posts have been doing regarding likes and shares and many others. You can use these analytics to your advantage and manage your posts accordingly. You can look for the best time to post your content based on most of your followers’ time. You can see which content works the best for your brand and follow the same patterns in your upcoming posts. Get creative and use those insights to your advantage.

Wrapping up

In short, be creative, be consistent and make use of all that Instagram provides and see your account growing from a few hundred to thousands and then to millions in a brief period.

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