Woodforest Bank – Our Commitment towards Customers

There are lots and lots of bank that are being opened every month all across the world but not all of them gives out the best services which people wanted.

Only those who committed towards their customers in providing the best service will withstand and others you know what’s gonna happen out to them.

Banking Services that we are providing out to the customers

So here is the list

Personal Banking

For all those who want to have an individual account for their personal can use this account for sure.

Also, we are giving you a special Switch Kit option which you won’t be getting with any banks which will help you to move your existing bank account to the Wood forest Bank in a few simple steps.

So here the list of types of services we provide with the personal Banking

Checkings Account – Choose the best checkings Account that is suitable for you from the variety of options that are being available now.

Savings Account – This is a common account that is being available in most of the banks you see and here we are providing you with the best savings account with lots of special benefits.

Online and Mobile Banking – Online and Mobile Banking features are something which every bank provide out now due to technological advancements.

With our Online Banking and Mobile banking, you’ll be able to do all the transactions you want in the comfort of your home itself.

Also, you easily access all the mobile Banking features on your Mobile Phone itself by downloading the apps available for these purposes. 

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Overdraft Solutions and Card Services – Overdraft solutions of ours will help you in assisting managing of your accounts along with that we are providing you with card services such as Credit Cards and Debit Cards through which you can use it to make any types of transactions without spending cash.

Small Business Banking

Through our Small Business Banking feature, we offer to help grow the people who want to establish out their small business and that’s why we have started out this Small Business Banking Scheme

Cash Management- You’ll be getting out full assistance from us for the managing of your banking services with your company’s unique needs in the mind

Investments – Lots and lot of investment plans are being offered out by us to the development of your organization without many efforts too.

Merchant Services – Using these services you can hire out one of our professionalists to assist you in providing out the financial solutions for your company.

Federal Tax Payments – Pay your federal taxes easily in an electronic way by using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

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Commercial Banking

In the area of commercial banking, we have separated the type of Banking Service we provide over here as

Corporate Banking – This is especially for those companies whose annual gross is over $500 million.

Middle Market Banking – It focuses on the companies having an annual gross from $20 million to $500 million.

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